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Testimonials - Games and Gambling

RANDOM.ORG is a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. This page contains testimonials from users of the service.

Role-Playing Game

From: Meli Connor
Date: 5 May 2008
Hi, I'd like to thank you for making this great random generator! I discovered it a few days ago, looking for an online random integer generator for this roleplaying game I am setting up, and has more than met the requirements! I also admit, its quite fun to generate tens of thousands of binary codes, and translate them in a binary translator, to see what the 'atmosphere' is saying. Anyways, thanks a bunch!

Various Types of Games

From: Daniel Snyder from Butler, Missouri, USA
Date: 16 March 2008
I am a person who loves Stats... I do a lot of bingo Cards and games... The uses I use on is...
1. Bingo Game No. 1-75 - for my 18,000 cards - 90 bingo variations...
2. The game of Racko No. 1-60
3. Memory using the 0-9 numbers each game I use 10k numbers...
4. Now with the Deck of cards... I can study card games more often... I play cards on paper... Any game using a deck of cards...
5. maybe you can do a shuffler using uno or Skip Bo or other card games...
I thank you for making the site... It saves me time... I used to do the old fashion way of making game numbers.... using a bingo cage and balls...
6. I also use the lottery and Keno Numbers too...

Dog Races

From: Frank Hopkins from somewhere in the US
Date: 16 March 2008
Dr. Haahr I used a list of your new random numbers in your new set generator for the dog races on Friday March 14, 2008. Using your sets on the last 4 of 13 races generated 2 trifectas. The sets I use are chosen by calculating over and over until the sets generated line up with the previous winning numbers. In this particular case I used races 1 thru 9 and matched them with the sets generated. Of course their is not a 100% match for all numbers. However the way the races are set up the 1st three finishing positions are the ones to key on.

Attributes for Video Game Characters

From: Scott Bins from Green Bay in Wisconsin, USA
Date: 22 July 2006
I use to generate random attribute numbers for sports video games when creating new players. Useful for putting my friends in the game without being tempted to make them really good. Most of the time they wind up as an average to good player, and every now and then they wind up as a superstar.

Tabletop Sports Games

From: Paul Goodspeed
Date: 28 November 2005
Donation: Concern
I use your random number website often -- to get random numbers for tabletop sports games -- so wanted to make a donation.

Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)

From: Archie Angelmann from Rabid Panda Games
Date: 26 October 2005
In our newest game, Starships, we have made extensive use of your random numbers. Your random numbers are used in everything from the dispersment of game targets, rewards, patterns of asteroids...well EVERYTHING that should be random. The human mind can tell when something is truly random, and when it isn't, so your numbers make everything in the game look and feel right. THANK YOU!

Generating Names for Computer Games

From: Karen Moody-Springer from BreakAway Games
Date: 25 August 2005
I'm using your random number generator to pick first and last names for characters from a spreadsheet for a computer game called "A Force More Powerful" - a game designed to teach nonviolent resistance groups how to fight for democracy without using violence.

Card Shuffling

From: Ann "Abigail" Aynes, Director of Customer Support at Case's Ladder
Date: 21 September 2004
Donation: Mads's Amazon Wishlist
We appreciate the help your technology has provided to our card shuffling process [...] Thanks again for the use of your work - WE appreciate that!

Indoor Tennis Teams

From: Ron Williams from Ottawa in Canada
Date: 14 January 2004
Just want to thank you for making this available. It is very helpful to me for making up a new combination of players for our weekly indoor tennis game.

Lottery Tickets

From: Frank Lichtenberg who works as a research scientist at the University of Augsburg in Germany
Date: 30 September 2003
Donation: Concern
My original reason to look for a random integer generator was to obtain some numbers for a lottery. However, independent of this specific intention, I wanted to use a "good and nice" generator. Then I found yours and I like the principle on which it is based very much. Also it is very convenient because it offers many options. It was just the perfect generator for which I was looking for! I appreciate your work very much to establish this random integer generator.

Dungeons & Dragons

From: Brian Rouse
Date: 30 August 2003
I'm an aspiring Dungeon Master (the guy behind the screen Toto warns you about) and I use for everything, nearly. Character stats, I simulate 6 sets of 3 six sided dice for a quick and dirty 'customized' character. If I need a map quickly, I use the Dungeon's Masters Guide dice tables and simulate about 100 dice rolls for dungeon layout, decoration, and monster placement. Random encounters, check. In fact I could use for all my needs, as the entire D&D game is based on the random rolls of 6, 8, 10, 20, or 100 sided dice. But where's the fun in that? I'm planning to move my computer (one of them) to my den so I can run rolls quicker than normal, but I think I'll keep my big bag o' dice at my side just to keep my players on their toes. Thanks for the great service!

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